healing spells

Healing spells

Healing Spells

White magic healing spells had a pioneering effect on the entire art of healing. There’s a unique difference between the approaches of medical technology and that of  spells. While the former depends on science, logic, and medicines and the latter depends on the supernatural powers. All around the world, white magic has done wonders with the people and is much praised all around the world.

white magic  healing spells

white magic healing spells can be done in such a good way to help. So while the approaches differ between medicine and white magic, there’s no difference in the objective. There are several types of white magic spells which are utilized to heal the various illness. And the main aim of this white magic healing spells is to call upon the Archangel to defend you from the evil stuff. You need to have a calm mind and close your eyes. Imagine the archangel on your left with that dazzling sword of his.

What this method does is to call upon Archangel who use his supreme powers to rid you of all evils and heal you. This method aims to banish all pessimistic thoughts and energies from our system by the use of healing spells. It will replace them with abundant positive energies so the healing may take place. Take quartz and place it on a table under direct sunlight.

Now, close your eyes and start inhaling and exhaling through your nose deeply. As you inhale and exhale and imagine the negative energies being expelled from your system and are being replaced by positive energies. After practicing this for about 1 to a few minutes, keep your eyes closed and imagine a ring of crystal progressively emerging to engulf you. The crystal ring rises gradually from your legs and immerses you progressively all over by casting healing spells. The above techniques have worked wonders with individuals. These, though many will disagree, draw inspiration from the ancient principles of drawing positive energy and visualization techniques.

Therefore, these are based on logic and good intentions for individuals.

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