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spells Rituals

Spells Rituals

Know the Basics of spells rituals Know exactly what magick is. Know ways and direct energy. Understand how to cast a magick circle. Know the basic outline of a spell. Know the Intent or Purpose – what? Heal a disease? Increase your concentration? Bring love into your life? Sell a House? Celebrate a Sabbat? You must have before beginning any working. Know the Time to operate the Spell – Do you know just what sort of magick should be worked during what kind during the moon and the moon? What type of magick is worked on the moon? The moon that is new? What days of the week are types of magick? Get to know days and moon phases of the week affect workings so you’ll know when to work your spells Rituals.

Learn about picture magick and the way it works. Learn about magick, which components might be used for what types. We All have patterns and techniques when doing spells rituals. Below is a principle suggested websites and by many books which you may discover helpful if you feel following a structured routine will perform best for you, or if you aren’t sure where to begin and need a guideline.

Ritual Preparation

– Pick a time. Decide the intent. Choose a facet of the Heavenly, if you wish. Decide how to increase energy. Choose the way to cast a spells rituals and close the circle. Cleanse yourself and your magickal space. You may do that with a ritual bath for yourself, or through meditation to still and focus your mind. With spells rituals, you can purify your space with your magic broom or with incense or burning herbs. Cast that the Circle – Starting at that the North side of that the room, point your finger or wand and say that the following as you imagine white light energy streaming forth from your finger and shape a circle Around you: I cast this circle to make a sacred space.

No unwanted energies can enter this space. The circle is thrown. So mote it be! – By the Time you have walked 3 times around the circle, you ought to be finished saying that. You might also choose to sprinkle salt or water on that the around you personally or in the four corners. Here is another approach for the way to Cast a Circle – Invocation of that the Heavenly – Invoke that the Deities by asking them to join you for your magical workings. God and Goddess, I ask which you join me here to help with my magical operations. Statement of intent. You’ve chosen to do spell rituals. Dire channels this energy using candles, herbs, and stones.

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