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In the end, tarot card reading is one form of divination. You should also expect the prophecy to be confronted or challenged with things which you have been avoiding and of course, the opposite may also apply. You may know how your positivity had a good effect on the people around you. In a nutshell, expect a lot of things to be revealed to you. What you should not Expect In Your Tarot Card Readings – Most people might expect to get the perfect answer to their question. Sadly, that isn’t the case. The tarot is there to guide you and help you gain some insights. However, they won’t solve all your problems.

That’s entirely up to you. Tarot can reading can be interpreted differently according to one’s expectations. No two tarot card readings can give you the same answer. So even when two people got the same card, the interpretation of the tickets will be different. How To Interpret Tarot Cards – You should interpret your tarot based on their underlying meaning and compare it with your current circumstances. Heres an actual example for a guide regarding your ongoing relationship. Heres how to divine it utilizing one tarot card reading: Meditate on your current relationship with your partner. Allow your thoughts and mind to make their way into the tarot cards. Shuffle the tarot deck of cards and pick one.

Effective Tarot card Reading

Pretend you have picked the Eight of Swords. Interpret the meaning of the card to obtain insight into your question. The Eight of Swords usually portray a female tied up, blindfolded, and imprisoned by eight swords. And this symbolizes imprisonment, restriction, and indecision. So that you can interpret that your current relationship is limiting you, you may also explain that you do not know how to proceed with your ongoing relationship. However, in the end, it is all up to you what you do next. Interpreting Reversed Cards – You may also draw tarot which is reversed. Whenever you pick a reversed tarot card, it usually means the opposite of its meaning or symbolism.

Let’s use the same example above. You would like to seek guidance on your current relationship, and you have picked the Eight of Swords however this time its reversed. How will you interpret this? Since it is in order inverse, the tarot card reading would now symbolize freedom, decidability, and openness. Therefore, you can explain that card to mean that you feel free in your current relationship. Below you’ll see a chart of cards with a corresponding number.

And so forth and so on. The Three Card Spread – Let’s start with the simplest of the three. The three card spread may be used in various ways, but it’s in most cases used for seeking guidance regarding the past, present, and future. And this is what the numbers mean: Past – Present – Future – here’s an example using this spread: You recovered from an injury, and you are wondering how you’ll do in the present and future. You’ve picked these cards in this order: – The Devil in reverse – Two of Cups – The Interpretation: Your Past.

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