Real black magic spells

Is Black Magic Real

Things are closer to the truth if you take the opposite of what’s being said or presented as being the truth. Nothing is as it appears, skim milk masquerades as cream. The real black magic is when there’s a false front when things are manipulated from a hidden place. when things are not out in the open when they remain hidden in the black. The Presentation faces the real black magic is when there’s a presentation face being used.  Putting up a front, Image is everything, etc. And using this front to divert attention from what’s going on behind the scenes.
I do not have any idea what you are talking about. Public Relations firms distort the truth for their clients to appear different than they certainly are.  Massaging the fact to look better, Plausible Denial. Will this denial be believable, are all forms of schizoid,  false black magic being used to gain an advantage. power over others. Cleaning up the home for the neighbors for fear of how it’ll look is a small example of the presentation face we all put on. While that can be no big deal, it’s a symptom of the collective consciousness that it is reasonable to be two-faced, to put on a front, a facade.

Is black magic real in USA

Not being straightforward, not having the ability to express how we feel, needing to temper the impulse, adjust, water down, civilize the real response we’d like to give creates a Gap in what’s being presented as reality and what is going on in fact. This Gap allows unlovingness, lying, deception, manipulation to enter in and be exercised in the black. The word occult means hidden, occluded, from sight or knowledge. Real black magic is putting up a front and a facade.  A presentation face to pay homage to somehow it should look programmed in the ideal.
And all the while the real power struggles to go on in behind closed chambers, security clearance needed. That’s where the real power games take place.  Opponents snuffed out, convinced as to what’s best for them to do. And after that, the results are sanitized. When there’s no opening of motives?. No laying the cards on the table, trusting that everybody will win,  then there’s no faith. And no permission of the creative Source of the Universe to fill us and our cups until they runneth over.

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