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There are four or five pillars of Traditional Healing which are: learning, insight, goodwill, and empathy. Those are the basic principles which should guide the Traditional Healer in all her or his actions. These pillars are the cornerstone of traditional healing which may also be called as wizard medicine. It’s these four principles that you should judge if your healer is for real or a quack. Healers have to go through a long process of learning. The bushes are full of all sorts of plants, poisonous and non-poisonous, those with healing powers and those that don’t have. It’s therefore imperative that a traditional healer goes through a lengthy period of training, to learn about these plants and know what exactly they may do and what they can’t do.

The training doesn’t stop with plants, but it also carries on to signs from the spirits. The healers must have the ability to read supernatural signs. A traditional healer has to get training in the throwing of the bones and the call and communicating with the spirits. When the bones are thrown they fall in a certain way as directed by the ancestral spirits. A traditional healer must have the training to read the alignment of the thrown bones. The ghosts do communicate directly and thru dreams. A healer must be capable of deciphering and interpreting dreams. And this isn’t possible if you don’t go through a lengthy period of training.

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It shows the first pillar of traditional healing and healers, which is learning. Find out the training to which your traditional healer went through. It’ll give you guidance on what kind of person he’s. We learn the signs of nature that give us a rare insight. And this is the idea to foretell, to see beyond what the normal eye can see. Without training and apprenticeship, it isn’t possible to have this insight. And this is what differentiates us from modern western doctors. Ask a question to see whether your traditional physician has insight into your life. A traditional healer must have the goodwill to solve peoples problems.

Traditional healing isn’t about amassing wealth for the practitioner. It’s about solving your problems. It’s about goodwill for the suffering fellow human being — this the 3rd cardinal pillar of traditional healing. Empathy, a traditional healer must have the skill to get into the boots of the suffering person. The problem can be a loss of love or a lack of cash. A traditional healer must be capable of walking in these boots. To feel what you’re going through. It’s only through walking in your shoes, the suffering person that you could give a proper solution to the client.

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